We were all urged to "Dig for Victory" during the war period and potatoes, and other root and green vegetables were a mainstay of our daily diet.
Little ditties were made up and cartoon characters called Potato Pete and Dr Carrot were particularly aimed at encouraging children to eat them.

One ditty I remember went like this.

P is for Protection Potatoes afford
O is for the Ounces of Energy stored.
T is for Tasty and Vitamins rich in
A is for the Art to be learnt in the kitchen.
T is for Transport we need not demand
O is for old England's Own Food from the land.
E is for the Energy eaten by you
S is for the spuds which will carry us through.

Then we had the song of Potato Pete.

Potatoes new. Potatoes old
Potato ( in a salad ) cold
Potatoes baked or mashed or fried
Potatoes whole, potato pied
Enjoy them all including chips
Remembering spuds don't come in ships.

Cooking with Vegetables

These are real energy givers.

Scrub 2 potatoes and grate with a coarse grater over a bowl.
Then add sufficient flour to form a batter.
Season with salt and pepper.
Melt a little dripping and make very hot in a frying pan.
Drop the mixture into it.
When brown on one side turn and brown the other.
Serve with jam if you want it as a sweet dish or, if you prefer it as a savoury, add a pinch of mixed herbs and a dash of cayenne pepper.


1) Add two parts of grated raw carrot to one part of finely shredded white heart cabbage and bind with chutney or sweet pickle. Pepper and salt to taste.

2) Bind some grated raw carrot with mustard sauce flavoured with a dash of vinegar.


Cooking time: 30 minutes. Quantity: 6 helpings

4 breakfast cupfuls of stock or water
1 tablespoon of household milk
chopped parsley, or watercress or sliced cabbage 1lb mixed vegetables
1-1 teaspoons salt
2 tablespoons wheatmeal flour

Put 3 breakfast cupfuls of stock or water on to boil.
Wash and grate or shred the vegetables.
Add salt and vegetables to stock, cook until tender and season.
Blend flour and household milk with 1 breakfast cupful of water and pour into the soup
Stir and cook for 3-5 minutes.
Serve with parsley, watercress or cabbage.