Knitting patterns of WW2

Knitted garments played a big part during WW2.
Young girls were taught to knit at school mainly socks for the services.
Wool was scarce and many outgrown woollen garments had to be unwound to make other things.
Above you will see a snood that was either used for fashion or to keep the hair away from machinery. They not only kept the hair from being trapped and saved many nasty accidents they were knitted in many different yarns with beads attached to make a woman feel and look a little more glamorous in those austere days.
The snood looked and felt a lot better than a turban for working in because the head did not get so hot in them like they did in turban.

I have included the pattern on this page because many folk still like to dress in the 40s fashion when attending weekends away that cater for their nostalgic Forties need.
This pattern is sixty years old.